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Ten Bookish Things (That Aren’t Books) That I’d Like to Own

15 Apr

Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Things Edition

Top Ten Tuesday is brought to you by

Top Ten Tuesday is brought to you by

Here are the top 10 bookish things I would like to own right now.

1. Old books candle from Etsy

Old Books

The description reads, Part of our Book Lovers’ Series, this candle is a completely original scent inspired by the smell of old books! Ideal for bibliophiles of all sorts. The scent is a sweet, earthy smell with a hint of must. (Not mildewy, rotten old books!) It will make you want to curl up with your favorite Classic. Scents: Timber, White Tea, Newsprint, Musk”

Doesn’t that sound delightful?!

2. Harry Potter movies 1-5 on Blu-Ray


I have 6-8 on Blu-ray and 1-5 on DVD. I think it is time to upgrade the first ones and this snazzy looking collection would do nicely.

3. Old card catalog turned furniture


It would be a dream come true if someone gave me one of these. I personally doubt I can afford the prices people are asking for these beauties, but a girl can dream.

4. Smart Mudflap Girl from ThinkGeek

eddb_smart_mudflap_girlI actually toyed with the idea of getting something similar tattooed on my body at one point, but the only place I could think to put it was my lower back and I am very anti-tramp stamp (even intellectual-ish tramp stamps). But I could totally sport one of these magnets on my car instead. 

5. One of these posters from ALA

Multilingual READ_poster_200x300 Continue reading

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