Ten Bookish Things (That Aren’t Books) That I’d Like to Own

15 Apr

Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Things Edition

Top Ten Tuesday is brought to you by BrokeandBookish.blogspot.com

Top Ten Tuesday is brought to you by BrokeandBookish.blogspot.com

Here are the top 10 bookish things I would like to own right now.

1. Old books candle from Etsy

Old Books

The description reads, Part of our Book Lovers’ Series, this candle is a completely original scent inspired by the smell of old books! Ideal for bibliophiles of all sorts. The scent is a sweet, earthy smell with a hint of must. (Not mildewy, rotten old books!) It will make you want to curl up with your favorite Classic. Scents: Timber, White Tea, Newsprint, Musk”

Doesn’t that sound delightful?!

2. Harry Potter movies 1-5 on Blu-Ray


I have 6-8 on Blu-ray and 1-5 on DVD. I think it is time to upgrade the first ones and this snazzy looking collection would do nicely.

3. Old card catalog turned furniture


It would be a dream come true if someone gave me one of these. I personally doubt I can afford the prices people are asking for these beauties, but a girl can dream.

4. Smart Mudflap Girl from ThinkGeek

eddb_smart_mudflap_girlI actually toyed with the idea of getting something similar tattooed on my body at one point, but the only place I could think to put it was my lower back and I am very anti-tramp stamp (even intellectual-ish tramp stamps). But I could totally sport one of these magnets on my car instead. 

5. One of these posters from ALA

Multilingual READ_poster_200x300BBW 2012 Poster_banned_300x200

If it were up to me my entire house would be decorated with ALA posters. Unfortunately, my boyfriend has to live in the house too. Either of these would be welcome “surprises” though. Hint… hint…

6. Librarian Lego minifigure


My daughter is a little obsessed with Legos right now and if she somehow acquired the Librarian Lego minifigure, I might just have to steal it. So cute!

7. Personal Library book embosser


I really do need to have a customized embosser so I can make sure no one ever steals my books… right?

8. Library typewriter key bracelet from Etsy


This bracelet is amazing! The only change i would make is a few less charms hanging off the typewriter keys. 

9. A pair of tall bookshelves for my living room


My books are everywhere in the house and I dream of one day putting most (if not all) of them in one area of the living room. With a pair of these shelves from Target I think I could accomplish that rather easily. And then all my old shelves would be free for new books…

10. This awesome tote bag


I would wear this sweet bag everywhere I went. Some of my absolute favorite books adorn the outside and it is also so pretty to look at.


One Response to “Ten Bookish Things (That Aren’t Books) That I’d Like to Own”

  1. caitlinstern April 15, 2014 at 10:09 pm #

    That book tote is gorgeous! If only I didn’t already have more than I really use…

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