5 Awesome Easy Chapter Series You May Not Have Heard Of Yet

27 Jun

Finding books that appeal to K-2 girls, but aren’t too easy and aren’t “Readers” can be hard. There are a lot of great children’s series out there, but the younger kids just aren’t ready for them yet. They want pictures still and “not too many words”. Sure one day my daughter will probably love to read the Ramona books, Harriet the Spy, and everything written by Roald Dahl. For now she is content with me reading those things to her. But she wants chapter books that she feel comfortable reading and we have found a few series to keep her busy and interested until she feels ready to tackle the “too many words” books on her own.

1. Nancy Clancy series by Jane O’Connor

Does your daughter love Fancy Nancy? Mine does. I was so excited when Jane O’Connor decided to start a chapter book series about a slightly older Fancy Nancy. All the same characters are there and Nancy is still very precocious, but now she is a bit older. So far there are only 2 books published, with a 3rd coming out in October.

2. Violet Mackerel series by Anna Brandford

I saw the 3rd book on display at the library and the cover reminded me so much of my daughter that I had to pick it up for her. Fortunately, she loves these books now. She read the first three over the past week and is eager to get the fourth (which won’t be published in the US until Sept).

In the 3rd book (admittedly this is the only of the books I know anything about), Violet catches a ladybug and decides to keep it. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know how to take care of and it dies. Violet learns a lot in this book about natural habitats, including how to share one with her older sister.

Heidi Heckelbeck Book 1
3. Heidi Heckelbeck series by Wanda Coven

Heidi is 8-years-old and has never been to school before because she has a big secret. Heidi is a witch and has to keep her powers a secret. But she has the same problems most 8 year olds find themselves having. The only difference is that Heidi can help herself a bit better than the average kid. Filled with tons of pictures and big bold text, these books are a great transition for girls that have just outgrown Early Readers and are a bit nervous about reading chapter books.

77889024. Princess Posey series by Stephanie Greene

Princess Posey is adorable and perfect for girls just starting 1st grade. The first book is even about being nervous about starting 1st grade. They are quick reads, with not too many words and lots of cute illustrations. There are already 5 Princess Posey books with a 6th coming out soon (I believe it is a Christmas themed book).

76402625. Frankly, Frannie series by AJ Stern

Frannie is ready for the working world, but she is still a kid. Her series follows her through all the different “career” plans Frannie comes up with. The books are wonderfully illustrated and interesting to look at. This series already has 9 books and will keep your little “grown up” busy for quite a while.


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