Author Signing Swag – Libba Bray

27 Sep

Last week a wonderful friend of mine got to meet Libba Bray! If you don’t know who that is I beg of you to please go get one of her books and read it… NOW. Her Gemma Doyle series was amazing and (from what I’ve heard) her contemporary satire work is also very good. I really need to read Going Bovine and Beauty Queens before I can consider myself a true fan I think.

Her most recent book, The Diviners, is by far her very best work so far. It was a giant book and worthy of every page of text. For more info about it please see my review.

Anyway, the benefit of a friend getting to meet one of my favorite authors is this…

I totally love my button!

And this…

Apparently I’m the “duck’s quack”

I’ve decided not to let future author meeting opportunities pass me by. Unfortunately, it seems as though Cincinnati gets all the cool authors. This makes no sense to me because at least Columbus would be fairly central to all of Ohio. Also… who actually wants to go to Cincinnati?



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