Top Ten Series I Haven’t Finished… Yet

25 Sep

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday makes me feel a bit guilty, but hopefully will give me the motivation to dive back into some of these series.

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1. The Bloody Jack Series by L.A. Meyer

Even though this is probably the most amazing series I’ve ever read I just can’t seem to catch up. I’m pretty sure that the only reason for holding off on it is because I don’t want it to be over, but L.A. Meyer seems to keep on writing one a year so maybe I don’t need to worry about that. Book #10 (Viva Jacquelina!) just came out a couple of weeks ago, but I’m still somewhere in the middle of #7 (Rapture of the Deep).

2. Wolves of Mercy Falls Series by Maggie Stiefvater

I loved the first book in this series, Shiver. Linger, the second book, was just as good. For some strange reason I just couldn’t finish the third and final book, Forever. I don’t know if it was just a weird time for me or if it was the book, but I’ve been wondering what happened to everyone in the end so I’m going to go back and work my way through the rest of the book.

3. Jennifer Scales Series by MaryJanice Davidson

I adore this series. It is so unique and such a fun read. Jennifer is a were-dragon… that’s something you don’t hear about everyday. The series is also unique in that it starts out as a YA series and the more recent books are catalogued as Adult. The content isn’t too harsh for teens at all, but definitely more mature than the previous books. I haven’t read the most recent 2 books for no real reason other than I’ve been distracted by so many other books.

4. Undead (aka Queen Betsy) Series by MaryJanice Davidson

(This is the only series on this list I probably won’t ever finish)

I started reading this series a long time ago and thought it was such a fun series. I started with Undead and Unwed and made it half way through book 8, Undead and Undermined, before I gave up. Unfortunately, the series didn’t hold up its end of the bargain. In book 7, Undead and Unworthy, it suddenly got darker, twisted, and a whole lot less cute. At one point while reading book 8 I simply put it down and stopped caring. I don’t know what happened, but I was so disappointed that a series I had gotten so far into had suddenly fallen apart. After looking at some reviews on Amazon it appears I am not the only one that feels this way about the series.

5. The Agency Series by Y.S. Lee

Not only am I not caught up on this series I didn’t even finish the first book. I checked it out and didn’t finish it before it was due (with holds on it). I recently picked it up at a bargain store and hopefully find the time to try it out again soon. What I did read was really good and I love a good mystery so I’m going to try to set aside time over the winter to catch up on this one.

6. Curse Workers Series by Holly Black

I don’t even know why I haven’t finished these books. It took forever for me to get around the first one, White Cat, despite everyone telling me how awesome it is. I own the second one, Red Glove, already. It is sitting on the bookshelf beside my bed. I’ve come to realize that owning a book before reading it may be a bit of a curse for me. I’m less likely to read it because I figure I have plenty of time to get to it and there are due dates for my library books.

7. The Unicorn Chronicles Series by Bruce Coville

It is not completely my fault that I never got past the first book in this awesome fantasy series. I lay a lot of the blame on the author. When the first book Into the Land of the Unicorns came out I was about 10. I got it at the Book Fair. It was awesome, but had a major cliff hanger and I eagerly searched for the next book to show up at the library or at the local bookshop. No such luck. Book 2 wasn’t published for another 4 years and during the time of very-little-internet access I didn’t have Amazon to notify me of the next installment. My copy of book one even said “Book One” on it so I knew there would be more. By the time book 2 came out I had somewhat forgotten about it. I was almost 15 and it was a book from my childhood. Flash forward another 10 years and I found book two AND three in a used book store. I was so excited! I actually wrote to Mr. Coville thanking him for continuing the series. He replied not only with a “you’re welcome”, but also an apology of sorts for taking so long. I’m actually waiting to read these with my daughter now since I know she will love them.

8. Confessions of Georgia Nicolson Series by Louise Rennison

I started these books as a young teenager and they were very fitting at the time, but as well all know books take a while to be published. By the time book 5 came out I was almost 20 years old and trying very hard to be grown up. Reading such “silly” books did not meet my new idea of adulthood. A few years later I simply don’t care what people think of my reading material. These are a great, fun read and they certainly don’t take long to get through so I might pick them up one day again.

9. Wake Series by Lisa McMann

I actually listened to the first book in the series in one sitting. I was on my way to campus a couple of years ago and the book was so good I just stayed in my car once I got to school and listened to the whole thing. It wasn’t the first time I skipped class because of a book, but it was the first time I listened to a whole audiobook in one sitting. Alas, I have not read/listened to  the other books yet. I think it is the fact that I know I will be sucked in and I very seldom have enough time to devote to just listening to a book.

10. The Princess Diaries Series by Meg Cabot

This is very similar to what happened with the Georgia Nicolson books. I simply outgrew them before they were all published. The first four came out while I was in high school, but when book 5 came out I felt kind of childish requesting it from the library. Like I said before I am over this whole thing of caring about what people think of what I am reading, but like so many things in life it is difficult to pick something up again after you haven’t done it in so many years.

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