**Spoilers** My Un-Impression of The Hunger Games Movie **Spoilers**

23 Mar

Today I woke up desperate to go see The Hunger Games. So I bought two tickets for the 11:30 show for myself and Kenny. Here’s my kinda sorta review:

1) The movie is really long, which can be a good thing, but I feel it wasn’t spaced out properly. There was a lot of time devoted to the action leading up to the beginning of the games, but almost no time at all spent with Rue. Then Katniss goes to find Peeta and the movie is pretty much over like 5 minutes later.

2) I completely understood cutting out Madge and replacing the storyline about the pin with a simpler one. This is a movie after all and there is only so much that can fit. But the Hob is only glanced at, never explained, and Katniss selling to the locals to support her family is pretty much ignored.

3) Everything in the Capital is pretty much how I would’ve imagined it.

4) We never actually see Haymitch trying to present Katniss and Peeta as a team prior to entering the games. It just sorta happens naturally and therefore we don’t really see how much he is trying to help them survive. Also he never gives them the advice to go straight for the trees… How long would that have seriously taken? About 2 seconds… whatever.

5) No one explains anything about the Games to the audience. Where do they take place? Is the arena real or created? It would be kind of confusing for someone who hasn’t read the book. I didn’t actually notice this, but Kenny mentioned it to me and it definitely had merit to be brought up.

6) It was also kind of upsetting that they just glossed over the entire “finale” of the Games in about 20 seconds. I felt like the scene at the Cornucopia was really important to the character development of Katniss and her realization that the Capital will stop at nothing to subdue the people of the Districts. The beasties don’t resemble the dead tributes AT ALL and Katniss therefore never makes that connection. Cato is dead within seconds of being pushed off the top of the Cornucopia and then it is suddenly “day” again and the pair decide to eat the berries. After that there is a few minutes where we see them being interviewed and going home, but not much else happens.

7) I think highly narrated books maybe shouldn’t be made into non-narrated movies. There was so much missing that could’ve been explained if only we were able to know what was going on in Katniss’s head.

All in all it was a decent representation of the book. I think it could have been better, but it also could have been a lot worse.

So let’s say it wasn’t as good as Harry Potter, but not as bad as Twilight… And let’s face it… Nothing is ever as good as Harry Potter, so being better than Twilight is where every teen focused film series should aim.

I had fun seeing a book I love being portrayed on the big screen and I will most likely see it again (and probably buy the DVD), but I’m hoping the next one creates a bit more depth to the characters.

Update: I found 2 quotes I’d like to share. The first is from a review I read this morning and the second is a comment from a different review I read.

1)”Weirdly, by turning the book into such a fan-baiting crowd-pleaser, the movie version of Hunger Games seems to oddly miss the point of its own source material.”

(source: http://popwatch.ew.com/2012/03/24/the-hunger-games-book-movie

2) “So what we have here is a source book/movie that attempts to reboot the terror and energy of THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME and gladiatorial games, but involving teens…

And instead turned it into SURVIVOR meets AMERICAN IDOL  with weapons. WTF?”

(source: http://www.avclub.com/articles/the-hunger-games,71293)


7 Responses to “**Spoilers** My Un-Impression of The Hunger Games Movie **Spoilers**”

  1. Emlyn March 23, 2012 at 9:20 pm #

    Yes! Plenty of these things I noticed! I was disappointed in the lack of details. Cinna and Rue were very important to the build of Katniss’es character and they were barely mentioned. I also was disappointed that they hadn’t mentioned her dad like… AT ALL. Like the moment when they flashbacked to her mom, the mockingjay… I feel as of they got the idea that everyone has already read the book and knows the supporting details. I have a lot of arguments against it but I enjoyed it a lot!

    • LittleLitGirl March 24, 2012 at 9:08 am #

      If you’ve read the book you definitely fill in the blanks quite easily, but later realize that the movie was missing something important… Substance. It was missing the entire underlying attitude that Suzanne Collins so wonderfully wrote into her books. I was shocked that the screenplay was co-written by Collins herself. I think the writers were so focused on what was important to SHOW to the audience, they forgot to include all of the stuff that should have been TOLD to the audience.

  2. Kenny March 23, 2012 at 9:23 pm #

    Character development wasn’t even on the menu when they wrote the movie. Catfish Jellybean (or whatever the name was) had the same expression on her face and demeanor through the whole thing. Not to mention she had just a couple of lines of actual dialog through the whole movie. Mostly others would say something to her and she would scowl back in response.

  3. LittleLitGirl March 24, 2012 at 9:12 am #

    They completely forgot to mention the fact that Katniss spends the whole book purposely keeping a blank slate of emotion on her face because she knows the world is watching her and doesn’t want anyone to feel she is weak. Since I knew that was what was happening and kept thinking that Jennifer Lawrence played Katniss perfectly. To outsiders it just looks she didn’t really care what was happening.

  4. Find Focus March 27, 2012 at 6:48 pm #

    Nice review!! :) I pretty much agree with most of your analysis here. There were several areas that were fantastic, even if slightly different from the book, such as the reaping. The emotions of the crowd and children pretty accurate and moving. I felt the performance of Lawrence was good, as well, although as you mentioned – I knew why she was ‘blank’ sometimes because I had read the book prior to seeing the movie.

    I thought, for the most part, that it was a very enjoyable movie…. If I hadn’t read the book and retained most of it I might have had a different opinion. There is such a pervasive feel of struggle to survive in the book that gets a little lost in the movie. Understanding that struggle and all of the conflict it creates within Katniss is essential to the story and in my mind, it was a little too glossy to be as effective as it could be. And yes – the end seemed rushed compared to the balance of the rest of the sections of the film. Long movies don’t bother me, but it really could’ve been a little more balanced.

    Having a movie for such a loved book is always a risk and challenge. It’s a great series that deserves to reach more people! I had to remind myself that movies are never as good as books and then enjoy it for what it was – not what I wanted it to be. Seemed to work well for me and maybe next time they’ll adjust the focus a little to reflect what people missed seeing in this one. :)

    (sorry that was so long! apparently I had a lot to say about this… lol!)

    • LittleLitGirl March 27, 2012 at 6:57 pm #

      Thanks for posting and I definitely welcome long comments!

      It is such a great story and I was a little sad that my boyfriend wasn’t able to get that out of the movie. Dystopian fiction isn’t really his genre so having him read the books would be pointless. I had hoped that he’d be able to watch the movie and at least get what all of the fuss was, but mostly he spent time wondering about why Katniss was so emotionless and whether Peeta’s name was Peter or Pete. :)

      • Find Focus March 27, 2012 at 9:48 pm #

        lol! I was lucky – my husband had actually read the book so he was able to follow what was going on. :)

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