If The Hunger Games really was like Harry Potter…

19 Mar

So there have been a lot of comments made comparing The Hunger Games to Harry Potter. Not to say that they are anything alike in the story, but that HG could become the next mega-media-franchise for American teens. I believe it. When Twilight started to get a lot of press, there was just as much negative as there was bad. I’ve yet to find anything negative being said about Suzanne Collins fantastic trilogy.

So what if The Hunger Games really did get as big as Harry Potter…

• Can’t you just see all the little kids running around trying to pretend “kill” each other for the last cookie at snack time…

• Instead of it being cool to have British accent, everyone would start to look emaciated… Oh wait I think that is already a thing somewhere.

• No more Hogwarts ties and sweaters to add to your wardrobe… How about some leather hunting boots and Fire dresses?

• People would start naming their children after pond plants and things that resemble the name of activist groups, instead of the odd names like Hermione and Neville.

• At least archery is something practical that we could all be learning instead of practicing the proper way of saying “Wingardium Leviosa.”

• Knowing how to survive in the wilderness might be more useful than being able to defend oneself against a dementor attack.

• And finally… Could you imagine what The Hunger Games Theme Park would be like!



Maybe you could send one of these postcards back home to the family?!




I have no fear that The Hunger Games will overtake the popularity of Harry Potter. Yes, many HP fans are and will be HG fans, but there is also a lot of people out there that just weren’t into HP and might be interested in the non-fantasy based world of Katniss.

Regardless of how popular The Hunger Games gets, there will always be a large very special place in my heart for my friends Harry, Ron and Hermione.


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