Book Related Awesomeness!

30 Nov

I discovered 2 things yesterday while finding some new book blogs to follow. The first is a contest hosted by Amazon. If you visit their Facebook page between now and December 6th there is a sweepstakes to win a Kindle for yourself and 3 friends as well. Each week of the contest has a progressively “better” Kindle being given away, with the last week being the all new Kindle Fire. The competition is almost over, but the if you remember to check it out you are still eligible for the Kindle Fire.

I have an iPad and a Sony Reader, but I still kind of want a Kindle Fire. I

The second Book Related Awesomeness of the week is a new reading challenge I’ve decided to participate in. The blogger of Green Bean Teen Queen has posted the 2011 Holiday Reading Challenge.

There are 3 levels of challenge, Rudolph (Read 1-4 Holiday Themed Books), Buddy the Elf (Read 5-9 Holiday Themed Books), Santa Claus (Read 10+ Holiday Themed Books). An added bonus challenge is called Mrs. Claus, in which participants may watch any number of Holiday themed movies and post about them. Prizes include candy and books. The grand prize is a book of choice! Nothing big or complicated (heck even Holiday picture books count), but I do like Reading Challenges and this one is so festive!


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