Why we almost called the fire department…

22 Apr

So like many libraries we have paperback spinners. If you aren’t familiar with them they look like this…

This is pretty much the same kind we have at my library.

And like many libraries we have pain in the rear middle school aged patrons. Yesterday those two came together in a most unexpected way. A patron of the middle school aged and female persuasion managed to get herself stuck in a display like the one pictured above. Literally inside of it… her back was up against the pole down the middle and her body was wedged up against the shelf parts. Every time someone would try to adjust the spinners to get her out they would dig into her sides and she would complain and cry. So ultimately the thing had to be taken apart, much to my sadness because calling the fire department would have made it a much better story.

My fellow shelvers and I just watched in amazement and commented on how if this were one of our daughters she would not be allowed to come back to the library till she was 18 and responsible for herself. I’m sure she will be back Monday (if not sooner) to wreak more havoc on our furniture. This of course spawned the telling of many odd stories by other staff members, including one in which a little boy got his fingers stuck in a hippo statue’s nostrils at a different library.

Tell me… What other job has little girls getting stuck inside display cases and little boys getting their hands stuck in hippo nostrils?!

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